coffee date (short story).

  “ So? What is it you wanted to talk to me about?” Olivia’s blue eyes are open and inquiring and intense as they bore uncomfortably into mine. I tap my fingers on the coffee shop table, looking away. I can’t meet her gaze. “Let’s order drinks first, shall we?” “Sure, good idea. Can you get me a latte?” Grateful, I escape to the counter to place the order. But too soon, I have to make my way back to Olivia, balancing the tray precariously on my hands. “Ah, lovely. Thank you,” she says, picking up her coffee mug. She closes her eyes and breathes in its warm scent as I fall back into my seat. “The coffee here is so good.” She pulls her wallet from her pocket, but I wave her away. “No need to pay me back. It’s my treat.” She frowns. “Are you sure?” “Yeah.” “Look, what’s going on?” Olivia leans forward. “Seriously, what’s happening with you? I’ve known you for years, and I’ve never seen you behave as weirdly as you’ve been behaving lately.” “What do you mean?” “Hmm, let me see. First you a

book review: shadow and bone

 I wrote this at 10.30pm the other day please don't judge me Follow me on Goodreads! (cover image taken from goodreads) who is this chick posting a book review idk her also who is this absolute MANIAC posting twice in one week someone stop her omg Was this book amazing? No. Did I still have a load of fun reading it? GOD YES I absolutely love this fantasy world, I fell in love with it in the Six of Crows duology and reading this book felt almost like coming home 🥺 it's so intricate and atmospheric and unique and did I mention I l o v e i t , absolutely legendary It's so interesting reading this after Six of Crows cause you can really tell how Leigh Bardugo's style has developed, the writing quality in this is... not amazing? But my love for SoC and this world kept me engaged so it was fine. Alina had... pretty much no personality, she was quite a stereotypical YA heroine in the way she thought and acted (though she did get a bit more interesting towards the end?) and Ma


  The other day, I felt alive. It was evening. The sun was setting in a gentle splendour, the sky turning a soft, dusky orange over the fruit trees in my garden. It was chilly but not uncomfortably cold, the breeze tickling rather than biting my cheeks; I wrapped myself up in a coat nonetheless, relishing the warmth of the material against my skin and the feeling of cosines it gave me. I stepped outside in my oversized wellies and took a deep breath of fresh air as I crunched my way through the yellow and orange leaves littering the grass, my gaze lost on the soft light filtering through the trees’ bare branches.   It was so quiet out there, so still. Even overlooked by my neighbours’ houses just a few metres away, I felt like I was completely alone; like I was the last person left in the whole universe. It struck me how rare this is — how rare it is to find moments of absolute peace and stillness in a world of blaring horns and blazing streetlights, a world that never stops rush

lovestruck (short story).

  My dearest Jane, How are you, my love? Oh! I can scarcely explain how desperately and terribly I miss you! How I long to see your beautiful face again! It has been less than two months since we saw each other last, and yet it feels like an eternity. I begged and begged Papa to let me visit you this winter, but he remains firm in his resolution that we not do any more travelling until summer at least. I am certain I shall go quite mad with impatience before then, for there is nothing I desire more than to be in your company once again. Oh, Jane! I am certain I am still as lovestruck as the day we met. Every night I go to sleep thinking of your beautiful blue eyes, and wake up thinking of your smile. I’ve been thinking of the first time I saw you. It was summertime, and I had recently turned sixteen; Papa and I visited your uncle, eager to make the acquaintance of the niece now living with him. We entered the drawing room and there you were, sitting in a window seat with the afternoon

my friend and i rate PRIDE FLAGS (collab)

my friend kemmie and i thought it would be a fun idea to rate a bunch of different pride flags, so here's the cool little collab we did! i'm writing in purple (ofc), kemmie's writing in orange . (also follow them on  twitter  and  instagram  or lose cookie privileges) before we start, i want to say that every identity is 100% valid and amazing!! also that we're fully aware that every element of each flag has a particular meaning and importance, we just thought it would be fun to judge them based on how aesthetic we think they are XD Gay Pride Flag/LGBTQ+ Pride Flag - rainbow flag!!! - we love anything with rainbows in it :D rainbows are so pretty  - it’s just the iconic LGBTQ+ flag tbh, everyone loves it, what’s not to love - such bright colours!! - it’s so colourful and happy and cheerful - just looking at it makes you proud to be part of the community - it’s a rainbow!! - r a i n b o w - 10/10 - This is what happiness looks like - You see it on the street and you j

i react to my very first blog posts

I felt like a bit of nostalgia the other day so I opened up the Word document where I copy-pasted my earliest blog posts (I deleted the actual posts off this site lmaoo, I don't need anyone stumbling across that cRINGE) and oh my GOD, I simultaneously laughed so hard I cried and felt more embarrassed than I ever have in my life as I read them 😭😭 I can't believe I actually thought I was a TaLeNtEd BlOgGeR back then and was confused why I didn't have any followers, my posts were so baaaddd 😭😭 So here's my reaction to my very first blog posts! My reactions are written in  bl ue.  I don't know the exact dates of each post but I know the majority are from the last week of 2016 (I posted every day because apparently fourteen-year-old me didn't know the difference between a blog and a personal diary sfhjshfjs oops). Anyways, enjoy the cringe 😃 Hello and Welcome To My New Blog Solid title I guess Hey there! Hello! Welcome to my new blog. Not e